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L'Art de la Patisserie

L'Art de la Pâtisserie

The Professional Pastry and Baking Course

A 20-Week Course

Feb 24 - Jul 18, 2020

Jul 20 - Dec 04, 2020

L'Art du Gateau

L’Art du Gâteau

The Professional Cake Decorating and Baking Course

A 10-Week Course

May 11 - Jul 18, 2020

Sept 28 - Dec 04, 2020

L'Art de la Boulangerie

L'Art de la Boulangerie

The Professional Bread Baking Course

A 10-Week Course

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Short-Term Workshops for Food Enthusiasts

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The French Pastry School offers world-class pastry instruction geared to the aspirations of our students. Our unique commitment to you is continuous attention to the development of your career, from the beginning of your time with us until long after you leave.

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FPS launches partnership with Robert Morris University

The French Pastry School is very excited to announce a new partnership with Robert Morris University Illinois, with its highly-ranked culinary program, to offer its full-time programs in Pastry and Baking, Cake, and Bread. Since 1995, FPS has been providing a world-class education to aspiring pastry chefs locally, nationally, and globally. This new partnership will enhance the offering of both schools and bring the programs to even more students starting in 2019. “This partnership helps Robert Morris take its culinary program to new heights in pastry, baking and confectionery arts,” said RMU President Mablene Krueger.
The full-time Programs will run at various times during the year beginning in February 2019.
· Pastry and Baking: February 18th and July 15th starts
· Cake: February 18th and September 23rd starts
· Bread: Summer 2020 start
The Programs will continue to be taught at the current FPS location (226 West Jackson Boulevard) in downtown Chicago along with Continuing Education Workshops for both professionals and the home baker. 
“By partnering with RMU, FPS will be able to bring out world-class programs to even more students,” said Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of The French Pastry School. “We believe the collaboration will be a great success and will provide an ongoing supply of pastry chefs to the culinary industry here in Chicago and around the world,” said Chef Sebastien Canonne, M.O.F., co-founder of FPS. Read full announcement.