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Michel Ernots

Chef Michel Ernots
Pastry Chef Instructor
“I'm happy to share my experience and knowledge with students.”

Chef Michel Ernots is a Chef Instructor in the L’Art de la Pâtisserie Program at The French Pastry School.  Ernots is a Compagnon Patissier and brings extensive experience in various aspects of our profession to the kitchen.  The Compagnons du Devoir is a pillar of the apprenticeship system that makes France world-renowned for its craftsmen; a centuries-old organization that connects young apprentices with experts in many different trade all across France and the world. One must be invited to become a part of this celebrated organization which stresses not only the importance of craftsmanship and professionalism but also of character. Before one can be accepted as a member of the Compagnons, the craftsperson must pass rigorous tests to prove his or her abilities and principles. By participating in the organization, Ernots has worked in pâtisseries in cities all across France.

Ernots graduated with a Diploma of Pastry and Bakery Management from the IFAPME Centre in Villers Le Bouillet, in Belgium. He then moved to Liege, Belgium to work and study under the renowned Pastry Chef, Jean Francois Thirionnet. He relocated to Colmar, France, where he worked for the Richon Patisserie as a Chocolatier, Caterer and Ice Cream Maker. He later became the pastry chef at the Patisserie Le Saint Albius at La Possession, on the Island of La Réunion, in the Indian Ocean. Upon his return to Paris, he was in charge of the highly respected L'Essentiel Bakery. His most recent stop brought him to Chicago, where he worked as an assistant pastry chef for the Peninsula Hotel. Ernots has impressively achieved his wide-ranged repertoire in pastry before the age of 27. His passion to share his knowledge and experience combined with his commitment to the students brings an inspiring example to our team.