The French Pastry School
Jennifer Lewis
Admissions Representative
“Whatever you can do, or dream, you can… begin it here at The French Pastry School and we will help you foster the way.”

Jennifer Lewis is part of the Admissions Team at The French Pastry School.  Her passion for food, specifically sweet baked goods, began at a young age.  Hand-milling flour at home transformed into working at bake shops, restaurants and, eventually, fine dining establishments.  She had finally found her passion and earned a BA while working in hotels and restaurants, with an added AAS in culinary arts. 

More than twenty years in the food industry inspired her to move toward teaching and writing about sweet baked goods. As a Certified Culinary Educator (CCE, American Culinary Federation), Jennifer taught Baking & Pastry for a variety of academic institutions including:  Kendall College, Lexington College, and Washburne Culinary Institute at City Colleges of Chicago - often creating new classes and prompting her to scour new books appropriate for her students and personal interests.  This research resulted in her discovering a significant informational void on baking history in the Midwest.  As a result, she decided to write Midwest Sweet Baking History:  Delectable Classics Around Lake Michigan. The French Pastry School is featured in the book. 

Jennifer joined The French Pastry School to continue and promote quality pastry and baking programs as an Admissions Representative. Lewis is honored to be a part of the team.