Friends of FPS

Friends of FPS

Enough from us. Here is what chefs, alumni and food enthusiasts have to say about their experiences at The French Pastry School:

Just wanted to say thank you for getting me here and I look forward to making you proud in the future. Your words still echoe in my head throughout the day....."no crying in pastry" and "no froufrou stuff!" Take care Chef and I can never describe in words how grateful I am for everything you have done for me, I'll just have to show you.

Tyler Levitetz | Graduate L'Art de la Patisserie | July 2012

Just thought I would give an update on what I am doing following the program. I got an internship with Faye Cahill Cake Designs in Inner West Sydney, Australia. Thanks to the program I have had an easy transition. The program has really prepared me well for this internship and I am still learning all I can about Cakes! :)

Katie Veile | L’Art du Gateau 2013 | September 2014

Thank you for putting this fabulous event together!  Perfect evening and delicious treats!  My favorite being the macaroon dreamsicle ice cream sandwich by the French Pastry School!  I always enjoy attending these events and continue to be a huge fan!

Alyssa Erickson | Pastry Chicago attendee | August 2014

Thanks again for providing the opportunity to participate in today's Ice Cream Social; I had a fantastic time. The weather was perfect and people seemed to really enjoy themselves. My assistant Manuel was wonderful and most helpful. It was nice to see familiar faces and so many new ones. Congratulations on a successful event. I'll look forward to seeing all of you at For the Love in February! And thank you for the lovely bag of delicious delights.

Julie Goding | Graduate and Owner of Dough Dough Bird Baking Company | May 2014

I wanted to thank you for yesterday night, and all the assistance you have given me so far with my application process! I cannot express in words how grateful I am to all of you wonderful ladies. You have been here for me since I started this whole process, and I am so beyond thankful for it! From helping me find a means to finance my education, to walking me through the many different steps of applying, you three have been there 100%. I look forward to my next six months of learning at The French Pastry School!

Seryna Cruz | L’Art de la Patisserie 2014 | August 2014

Thank you Franco, you guys are the best and I truly appreciate all that you have done for me.

Erica Sparkman | L’Art de la Patisserie 2011 | July 2014

My name is Haley Cairns, and I was a former student enrolled in the first session of L’Art du Gateau in fall 2010.  After graduation I interned and continued to work there until the end of last year.  I know that FPS has contacts all over the country and I am wondering if there is anyone who I could possibly meet with here in Phoenix to talk with regarding advice, etc.? I remember when I was a student being told to stay in contact with the school so here I am!  I plan to make my mark in the Phoenix market with Heartsweet Cakes.  I appreciate any help I can get and I really appreciate your time.  Being a part of the school was an amazing and unforgettable experience.  Keep up the great work!

Haley Cairns | L’Art du Gateau 2010 | July 2014

Thank you for your assistance in our recruiting efforts in the past. We recently hired another graduate from The French Pastry School and are in need of more! Please let your students know of our opportunities to join our staff here in Naperville where our Executive Pastry Chef is also a graduate of The French Pastry School.

Steve Ford | Chief Executive Officer Le Chocolat du Bouchard | July 2014

In addition to the hard work I have put in in the last 8 years, I credit the instructors and the instruction I received at The French Pastry School for my success. The next time I am in Chicago I would love to stop in and say hello.

Gram Gould | Facebook | L’Art de la Patisserie 2001| June 2014

Thanks to you for signing my copy of your book; as I told you in your office, I love the book and have baked from it.  You certainly met your goal in my estimation: it is actually a course in baking contained within a book that is brimming with warm stories and humorous little anecdotes of your life in Alsace.  Some of the recipes are also wonderful.  You were correct.  I have taken a number of courses in Chicago with your faculty: these have always been educational and happy experiences. 

Ryan Lesh | Returning Continuing Education student | July 2014