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Friends of FPS

Friends of FPS

Enough from us. Here is what chefs, alumni and food enthusiasts have to say about their experiences at The French Pastry School:

I just wanted to thank all the staff at The French Pastry School for guiding me to where I am now. I am the Pastry Chef at Ryan Braun's Graffito in downtown Milwaukee. We are part of an amazing restaurant group, SURG. With Chef Kurt Fogle's (L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’06) help, I put my first plated desserts on our new menu this month! A warm apple bread pudding with mascarpone ice cream and apple cider caramel sauce, and also, and lemon cream atop an almond pain de gênes, with strawberry gel and almond ice cream. I feel successful and think about FPS every single day.

Madeline Sharkey | L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’11 and L’Art du Gâteau ’12 | October 2012

Congratulations [on Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer Day in Chicago]! What an honor, and so very much deserved! My hat is off to you my friend and I’m so happy for your recognition. Your talents are many, and I thank you for sharing those gifts with everyone around you. I absolutely love coming to The French Pastry School and soaking in the talent pool you’ve built. I look forward to my next trip, and again, I’m thrilled for you.  Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the art of all things pastry. I wish you only more great successes.

Tom Sciascia | The Painted Truffle | September 2012

Thank you again for extending an invitation to my guest and me to attend the French Pastry Experience. It was instructive, yet awe-inspiring to watch such accomplished chefs work with pastry. All in all, it was a delightful night. The faculty was warm, welcoming, and very helpful, easing my nervousness in moving out to Chicago on my own someday. My visit to The French Pastry School has confirmed my ambitions of attending in the future to fulfill my culinary dreams and aspirations. Thank you again for your hospitality.

Alvina Nam | Prospective Student of L’Art de la Patisserie | California | August 2012

“I just got a new job about a month ago as the Chef for the Governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe, at the Governor’s Mansion. Since I have been here, I have been trying to teach people the importance of doing things the right way and using good quality products. I learned so much in my time at The French Pastry School and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I wouldn't be where I am today without the education you gave me.”

Tyler Steelman | L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’11 | August 2012

“[Attending The French Pastry School] was like learning to play basketball from Michael Jordan. While I attended, I worked at Vanille Pâtisserie, World Pastry Champion Dimitri Fayard's shop. I also staged at Charlie Trotter's and L20 .... [The owner of Rocket Baby Bakery] and I both get overly excited and dogmatic about the products we serve. We make a good team ... I love that every day [he] goes on a rant about what good bread is and should be. I like that every day we try and make ourselves better and are not content being just OK."

Matthew Haase | L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’12 | Excerpted from Article | August 2012

Before I began my studies [in Art History and Business Administration], I worked as a pastry and bread baker at a local artisan bakery….I have spent many long days and nights devoting myself to the delicate art of cakes, tortes, tarts, and baguettes. I have seen pictures and read articles featuring [Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer’s] work, including the documentary Kings of Pastry. I will forever be in awe of [his] perfect handling of chocolate (which I cannot seem to make beautiful, but I suppose every baker has their strengths and weaknesses). I admire [his] devotion to pastry and to students learning this art at the French Pastry School. Although I am no longer in the industry, I will never forget all of the lessons I learned from baking. Thank you for inspiring me.

Shirleanne Ackerman Gahan | Portland, OR | August 2012

Thank you, Sebastian and Jacquy, for your warm welcome at the school and the amazing guided tour. Feeling the artisanal high end craft for the new generation of students with no details left behind. I would love to be an apprentice again in that fertile environment.

Chef Christophe Toury | Jacques Torres Chocolate | June 2012

A year ago, my life changed: it was the first day of class. I cannot believe how fast a year goes by. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of The French Pastry School. I miss you all so much and I hope to see you soon, maybe this year!

Desiree Robert | L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’11 | July 2012

What a wonderful week - it was full of humor, warmth, information and your kind and generous spirit. Thank you for a wonderful experience...My two experiences (now) at FPS have been just outstanding, in no small part due to the vision and mission of your deans. But the faculty is also just excellent....Again, thank you so much for treating us as serious students - we are, you know.

Ryan Lesh | Food Enthusiast Continuing Education Student | New York | June 2012

I just wanted to thank you for my great news. I know that both of you have been very instrumental in my getting this job and I really appreciate it. I start this morning at Park Hyatt and could not be more excited. I know Chef Josh says if you are not a little nervous then you are not going in the right direction. Well, I am and it is great. I have really enjoyed these past few months off and feel like I am ready for this new challenge. Thank you so much for your support, I cannot stop smiling.

Janet Hurley | L’Art de la Pâtisserie ‘10 | June 2012