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Friends of FPS

Friends of FPS

Enough from us. Here is what chefs, alumni and food enthusiasts have to say about their experiences at The French Pastry School:

I love teaching at your school. The professionalism is so admirable and the pride the students feel for their school is so apparent. Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach there. It was always a goal of mine from the beginning.

Chef Bronwen Weber | Frosted Art in Dallas, Texas | March 2009

I have never seen a pastry school such as this. The preparation was perfect, the facilities were amazing, and the workshop was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Chef Pierre Hermé | May, 2008

The Intership [at Ferrara Pan Candy Company] was AMAZING! Culinary and machinery meet in the most interesting way, I felt like I was walking around inside of a Lionel Train set following this track or that pipe to see where I'd end up or what would come out of it. Working with their R&D Manager has sparked an interest in Food Science and Flavor Chemistry. And there was never a day that my perpetual "why's and how's" vexed them. One of their employees provided a wealth of information of equal significance and the luxury of the perspective of someone who learned how to make candy in a small town in Mexico 40 years agao. I thought I was ending a journey in June, but I understand now that graduation was just the beginning

Danielle Rivera-Gonzalzles | Graduate of L'Art de la Patisserie, January, 2011

Thank you so much for your time, efforts and great advice. I'm definitely going to follow your recommendations. I really feel lucky to be an alumna of the FPS and get this kind of support. I promise to do my best to highlight it wherever I go.

Galit Greenfield | Graduate of L'Art de la Patisserie, June, 2009 | Pastry Chef/Owner of Sweet Galit and Sweet Spot Macarons