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Career Placement

Career Placement

The career services aspect of The French Pastry School program was instrumental in helping me land a job as a cake decorator. Without the guidance from the school and the assignment of writing a letter to a prospective employer, I wouldn't have found this job. I am eternally grateful!

Lisa Parker | L’Art du Gâteau, 2013 | Cake Decorator at Vintage Baking Company in New Hampshire | August 2013

Setting our students up for a successful career is the driving force behind all that we do at The French Pastry School.  Not only do we ensure that our students have the skills in the kitchen, but we also help them develop the professional skills to find employment with our Career Education training and we provide them access to hundreds of job opportunities through our Career Placement resources.

Career Education

The required Career Education portion of our programs teaches students how to effectively network, present themselves professionally online, and create and maintain a resume.  In addition, our Chef Instructors, who all previously had successful pastry careers, provide insight and real-life anecdotes of their experiences.

In addition to kitchen classroom education, students are required to complete a minimum of two stages.  Staging is the traditional practice of volunteering in a kitchen for one shift (or more) to gain real-world experience.  It is also an ideal way to find out, first hand, which type of food business and position is ideal for you.  Staging can also be a great résumé builder and a way to open doors to post-graduate employment.  Although only two stages are required, we strongly encourage students to participate in as many as possible throughout their time at The French Pastry School.

Career Placement

Our Career Placement support is focused on establishing corporate alliances and connections to ensure that our students and alumni have access to as many job openings as possible.  While we work diligently to communicate every possible job opportunity from our 750+ partners in the industry to ensure our students have multiple employment options, the ultimate responsibility of finding and securing a job falls on the student.

Students are provided with opportunities to form a variety of contacts in Chicago and across the nation.  We help you to make connections, establish relationships with chefs and businesses, and encourage you to take advantage of the school’s extensive network.  These relationships last a lifetime and The French Pastry School will remain a resource for the rest of your career.  Every day, potential employers, including alumni who have opened their own businesses, from all over the United States and the world contact us to hire our students and alumni.

The French Pastry School students have taken many career paths.  Click here to see examples of the jobs our alumni often seek.


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