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Afternoon Coffee and Dessert with Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer
The French Pastry School |
June 6, 2016

When we talk about French pastry, one name always comes to mind, the legendary Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer. He is a James Beard award-winning pastry chef who has participated in many of the world’s most prestigious pastry competitions and was featured in the documentary film, “Kings of Pastry.”

Spend time in the kitchen with Chef Jacquy in this unique coffee and talk session at Read It & Eat on Saturday, July 9th and learn all about his experiences including what it takes to write an award winning book (and maybe get some tips on how to be the star of your own documentary!).  Pfeiffer will also show you some tips and tricks on how to make delicious fresh mango with coconut crisp roasted hazelnut and fresh orange jam cream puffs. 

The event only is $10 and you can pre-order a copy of Pfeiffer's award-winning book, The Art of French Pastry for an additional $39.69 (10% discount plus sales tax)  Copies of the book will also be available for sale on the day of the event at full price.

Jacquy Pfeiffer began his career at the famous Jean Clauss Patisserie in northeastern France, and has since become regarded as one of the world’s top pastry chefs. His book, The Art of French Pastry, won the 2014 James Beard Award for Cookbook, Dessert and Baking. Today, he is the Academic Dean for Student Affairs at the French Pastry School, which is considered one of the leading pastry institutions in the world.

Refund/cancellation policy: A full refund will be provided for cancellations requests received from customers up to one week (seven days) before the event. No refund or store credit will be provided for cancellation requests received less than a week before the event.


Saturday, July 9, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (CDT)


Read It & Eat - 2142 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60614