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The Food List: Amanda Tommey Terbush
Chicago Woman |
May 12, 2017
Hailing from a long line of southern bakers, Amanda Tommey Terbush, owner and baker at Southern France Patisserie, is putting a Southern twist on classic French pastries.

Have you always wanted to be a baker?

I’ve been baking my entire life! I come from a long line of Southern women who bake. Cooking and baking runs in my blood, so it was something I couldn’t deny.  This job is really hard. If I absolutely didn’t love it, there is no way I would have made it this far. 

What makes a restaurant great?

Atmosphere! The moment people walk into my shop, they smell the butter and feel the love! You can always tell when love is put into the food... and service! We make our customers feel appreciated and special; like they are family, which they have become. Most people come in not just for a pastry, but to stay and chat. We care about our customers and their experience and it shows. 

What distinguishes Southern France Patisserie from other bakeries?

We put a Southern spin on a few French pastry classics—that gives us a unique voice. Everything is made from scratch, and I mean everything! We use the good butter (European-style), which a LOT of places do not use. A seasonal menu that’s changing constantly (because I get bored easily), to keep our customers on their toes. We also hand-make fantastic, creative chocolate. Few people are making chocolate in Chicago, an even smaller amount who do it well.