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FPS Chefs inducted into L’Académie Culinaire de France
The French Pastry School |
June 15, 2016

Congratulations to Chefs Jonathan Dendauw and Patrice Caillot, World Pastry Champion who were inducted into L’Académie Culinaire de France at the annual awards ceremony held in San Diego.  Selected by their peers, these chefs are regarded as the most highly skilled in techniques and transmission of the French culinary arts.  The French Pastry School was honored to host the Annual Meeting of the American and Canadian Delegation of The French Culinary Academy and Master Chefs of France in June 2012.

Today the Académie has 1,080 members and is represented in each and every continent. The American delegation is represented by more than 100 pastry and kitchen chefs. L’Académie Culinaire de France was created in 1883 by Joseph Favre and is the oldest association of culinary and pastry chefs in the world. The organization strives to define and uphold the tenants of culinary and pastry gastronomy, recruiting members of the highest order of professional culinary hierarchies to work toward perfecting the French Culinary Arts and establish relationships between the French and the rest of the gastronomic world. The organization seeks to preserve and spread the French culinary arts, encourage training in cuisine, and assist professional development.

For more information on the Académie Culinaire de France, visit www.academieculinairedefrance.com.