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FPS honors Cubs with 5-foot cake
The French Pastry School |
November 9, 2016

"It took the Cubs 108 years to win a World Series, but this cake took roughly 200 hours to create by the French Pastry School’s Certified Master Sugar Artist Chef Sunny Lee who mentored intern Eunli Cho, a graduate of the 16-week cake decorating program." - WGN 

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - "The celebration of the Chicago Cubs historic World Series championship continues Wednesday with a massive sweet creation."

NBC - "It took the duo about 200 hours to create the 5-foot cake, which includes 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate and 10 pounds of Rice Krispies."

DNA INFO - "Along with replicating Wrigley's iconic marquee and ivy, the design also featured the Cubs logo and pinstripes; sugary versions of a baseball bat, glove and ball; the "W" flag; and a mini bear cub mascot."