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The Market at Gracious Hall does catering, dinners to go, a la carte
Brenda Schory/ Kane County Chronicle |
August 7, 2017

The Market at Gracious Hall, 415 Stevens St., Geneva is in the business of catering and providing fresh made-from-scratch dinners that busy customers can just pick up and bring home.

There’s baby back ribs, Italian sausages and brats, chicken pot pies, signature meatloaf, pulled pork barbecue, mac and cheese, bacon Dijon potato salad, a cucumber salad with pickled red onions, and cheesy polenta topped with ratatouille.

Owner and Geneva resident Rebecca Holoman, 43, said the previous name was Gracious Hall, and the former location was at 321 Stevens St., Geneva.Soups range from tomato to roasted red pepper to minty green pea.

“We are literally in the same parking lot, one building over,” Holoman said.

But change seems to be the byword for this catering company.

Gracious Hall opened for business in 2011, but closed from September 2014 to February 2017 because Holoman said she had another baby.

In February, they signed the lease and started doing dinners again, this time as The Market at Gracious Hall, Holoman said.

“What I was trying to work for was three distinct pieces of business,” Holoman said. “Catering, the Market at Gracious Hall and Gracious dinners.”

After opening, the business closed for six weeks for construction and finished the buildout on the front of the building in the middle of June, Holoman said.

Increasing the square-footage to 1,250 from the other location’s 1,000 square feet gives her enough room for catering, for the dinners and a la carte choices. There is also space for a cooler that is stocked with dinners “that are hit or miss,” she said.

“Whatever is there is there,” Holoman said.

Opening and closing the business did not put a dent in demand, however, as the business is now selling 30 to 40 dinners per week, she said.

“There was a lot of loyalty. So many asked, ‘When are you going to open again?’” Holoman said. “We have some people who order every day of the week. They order some piece of it, not the whole meal. And I do a la carte portions.”

Holoman has a background in baking and pastry after attending a French pastry school in Chicago. 

“My ex-husband and I started Preservation Bread and Wine in Geneva, and I was the baker,” Holoman said. “We did all freshly baked breads and savory baking, so that translated when we opened the catering business.”

Holoman paused.

“There is nothing like catering to test your cooking limits,” she said.

More information is available by visiting www.gracioushallmarket.com or by calling 630-463-9002.