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New Pastry & Cake Professionals are Welcomed to the Industry
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December 21, 2016
L’Art de la Pâtisserie & L’Art du Gâteau Students Graduate from The French Pastry School

On December 16th at the Union League Club of Chicago, over sixty pastry and cake students assembled with their friends, families, and faculty and staff of The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago. It was graduation day for the two full-time professional certificate programs – L'Art de la Pâtisserie, the 24-week Baking and Pastry Program, and L’Art du Gâteau, the 16-week Cake Decorating and Baking Program. School sponsors along with chefs and professionals from the food industry were also in attendance.

Students were fortunate to have both Chef Paul Virant, Owner and Restaurateur of Vie, Perennial Virant and Vistro, and Alderman Brendan Reilly, as their commencement speakers.  

Easterseals, a nonprofit provider of services to children and adults with disabilities, recognized The French Pastry School for their dedication and mentorship to students both with and without disabilities.    

The student experiences and reflections from this term were related to the audience by representatives, selected by their peers, from each of the graduating classes. Chloe Herakovic, Madison Mundy and Erica Franklin represented the L'Art de la Pâtisserie classes. Summer Shepard and Matt Rivera represented the L’Art du Gâteau classes. To read their speeches, click on the links below. 

The ceremony was followed by a grand buffet at the school, showcasing the graduates’ newly acquired skills. Everyone partook in the sweet creations representing a culmination of the students’ intensive training. The grand buffet included breads, breakfast pastries, plated desserts, tarts, entremets, petits fours, ice cream, sorbet, chocolate and sugar candies, chocolate sculptures, sugar sculptures, bread sculptures, and all the final wedding cakes. For many students, it was the first time they were able to present their family and friends with the results of their education, an experience that was at once rewarding and delicious.

The next cohort of L’Art de la Pâtisserie and L’Art du Gâteau students began their own pastry journeys at The French Pastry School on January 3, 2017. Be sure to follow their progress on our website and social media outlets.