The French Pastry School
The Art of Fresh and Light Pastries with Chef Luc Baudin
Date: Mar 20 - Mar 23, 2017 (1:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Cost: $1,150.00
Course level: Professional ♦♦♦
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Chef Luc Baudin, former Pastry Chef of Pâtisserie Eugène in Paris, is bringing us a new and fresh way of looking at making pastries.  In this four-day, hands-on professional course, you will learn how to create health conscious creations using less sugar, less fat and more fiber. Chef Baudin’s products are designed and adapted to meet the needs of the consumers’ wellness, containing sweeteners such as coconut sugars while the flours are replaced by lentil flours, oat bran and wheat flours. Fresh fruit rich in fibers and sugar free chocolates will also be used in this class. Chef Baudin will teach you his philosophy to create these healthy pastries and incorporate the new ingredients while improving their flavors. 



Le Millepin

Almond, pine nuts and coconut sugar praline paste, light Tahitian vanilla bean cream and whole wheat flour puff pastry squares


Black Sesame and Yuzu Charlotte

Whole wheat and arrow roots charlotte biscuit with a yuzu and combawa cream, a black sesame mousse and supremes of lemon poached with shizo leaves


Tartelette Lemoon

Hazelnut sable dough shells filled with a fresh lime cream a Tahitian vanilla milk mousse and decorated with a sugarless white chocolate 


Tarte Fleur de Pomme

Whole wheat sable dough shell filled with vanilla scented sauteed apples, hazelnut cremeux and poached apple slices 


Eclair praliné pécan noix de coco

Whole wheat and lentil flour eclair filled with coconut milk cremeux, a pecan and coconut sugar praline paste and topped with a Pana Cotta glaze


Le Kuma

Moist chocolate biscuit filled with a silky milk chocolate mousse and tangy

candied mangoes and kumquats 


Le Manhattan

Whole wheat sable dough tart shell filled with a light almond cream, a silky French vanilla cream, a mandarin and passion fruit confit and topped with chestnut vermicelli.


Chocolate cocoa bean tart 

Chocolate and grue de cocoa sable dough tart shell filled with a light and silky chocolate cremeux, a cocoa bean jelly and a dark chocolate crumble 


Sugar Confectioneries

Les Mutines

Maltitol and coconut sugar meringue, hazelnut and coconut sugar praline paste, sugar free dark chocolate


Chocolate confectionery 

Pine nut and Mint chocolate candy

Pine nut and coconut sugar praline paste with mint, dipped in a sugar fee milk chocolate

Mint, pepper and chocolate candy

Peppered mint scented dark ganache enrobed in a sugar free dark chocolate


All of your creations will be yours to take home to enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues.


This course is approved by the American Culinary Federation for 28 Continuing Education Hours (CEH's).