The French Pastry School
Introduction to Chocolate Candies
Date: Oct 23 - Oct 25, 2007 (4:00 pm - 9:00 pm)
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Explore the world of chocolate with The French Pastry School instructor, Chef Bob Hartwig, as he shares with you the science of chocolate while you learn to hand temper chocolate. You will learn the secrets behind producing smooth ganaches and shiny chocolates. The class will make basic chocolate candies including a range of ganache filled chocolates, gianduja creams and chocolates with nuts like mendiants or the trio. Be prepared to hand dip all of your chocolates!  As an added bonus you will also learn how to make sugar confectionaries like pâte de fruit and caramel. 

Before joining the instruction team, in 2006, Chef Bob Hartwig was the Executive Pastry Chef at the Chicago Marriott Downtown. He has also worked at pastry kitchens Rhapsody which is a part of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Chef Hartwig has also appeared on the TV Food Network and was a participant during the New York Chocolate Fashion Show.