The French Pastry School
Wedding Cake Construction
Date: Sep 18 - Sep 20, 2007 (6:00 am - 1:00 pm)
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How a Wedding cake tastes is just as important as how it looks.  Customers admire the delicate decorations and should also demand that just as much thought went into layers of the cake and the flavors presented.  Chef Donald Wressell will teach you how to create a cake that not only looks great but is well constructed and tastes extraordinary.  He will guide you through flavor profiles and textures, along with a range of doughs and different filling combinations.  Once you have all the components it is time to build the cake, while ensuring the structure is safe and stable. 

Chef Wressell is currently a private consultant for a leading chocolate company after spending 19 years as Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.  During his career at the Four Seasons Wressell created wedding cakes for many Hollywood Celebrities and even prepared desserts for the Oscars.  Chef Wressell has represented the United States three times in the National Pastry Cup competition, and has twice been named by Chocolatier and Pastry Art & Design one of the “Ten Best Pastry Chefs in America”. Wressell was named Pastry Chef of the Year at the World Pastry Forum in 2005 in Phoenix, AZ.