The French Pastry School
Elevated Entremets with Chef Karim Bourgi
Date: Jan 28 - Jan 31, 2019 (1:15 pm - 8:15 pm)
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During this four-day, hands-on course with Chef Karim Bourgi, you will learn the art of modern cakes and entremets and how to create an elegant buffet that tastes exquisite.  He will guide you through creating a wide variety of elaborate entremets and cakes for medium- and large-scale production. You will learn a wide selection of components including soft hazelnut sponges, crunchy brisee dough, dulce de leche mousse, and more. Chef Bourgi will finish all of the cakes and tarts with a selection of glazes and modern decorations.  The chef will share the secrets of his own recipes, from the conception of modern flavor combinations and textures to selling the product. You will explore the technology of the ingredients and the methodology of these desserts. Additionally, you will focus on the importance of choosing the right materials. He will show you the latest modern techniques used to maximize time and materials for cost-effective production and greater profit.

  • COIN (soft hazelnut sponge - candied hazelnut – caramel cream – mousse blond chocolate – crunchy hazelnut – caramel mirror glaze)
  • BELLE HÉLÈNE (chocolate sacher sponge – pear punch – crunchy praline – diplomate cream praline – pear confit – milk chocolate glaze – pear chantilly)
  • FRAISIER (100% gluten free almond tender sponge – strawberry confit – strawberry light mousse – pressed ivory crunchy – red mirror glaze)
  • AKOSOMBO (gluten free pecan sponge – vanilla creamy – chocolate streusel – soft pecan praline – milk chocolate whipping ganache – dark mirror glaze)
  • BLACK FOREST (chocolate roll cake – brandy punch – cherry confit – light vanilla mascarpone cream – dark chocolate mousse – dark chocolate glaze – chocolate crunchy)
  • VANILLA (vanilla tender sponge – vanilla punch – vanilla creamy – vanilla ivory light mousse – crunchy viennese sable – vanilla glaze)
  • SICILY (pistachio tender biscuit – raspberry confit – light pistachio mousse – crunchy pistachio crumble – green mirror glaze – like a raspberry meringue)
  • MILLEFEUILLE (puff pastry – vanilla light cream – salted butter caramel – blond chocolate chantilly cream)
  • FLAN (crunchy brisé dough – vanilla flan cream – vanilla nappage)
  • BANOFEE (banana milk chocolate brownie – crunchy speculos – berries confit – dulce de leche light mousse – banana ivory namelaka – milk chocolate glaze – chocolate paint)
  • OPÉRA (coffee joconde – coffee punch – crunchy milk chocolate – coffee ganache – milk chocolate coffee whipping ganache – coffee milk chocolate creamy – milk chocolate coating
  • DREAMCHEESE (baked cheesecake – crunchy cheesecake – mango yuzu confit – lemon cheese mousse – almond lemon sponge – mango mirror glaze) 
Born in Senegal, Karim Bourgi moved to France at 16, and a few years later, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. He began his career at La Cigale in Beirut, followed by Ladurée Paris Champs Élysée, then Fauchon Café in Dubai. In 2014, he was awarded third best pastry chef at the Pâtissiers dans le Monde and is due to participate in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2019 in Lyon, France. He currently resides in Dubai where he is the head pastry chef of Al Mana Fashion Group, the regional development and creation chef for La Maison du Chocolat Paris, and the owner of KB Gourmandises, a boutique food and beverage company. 
This program is approved for 28 continuing education hours toward the initial or recertification application for American Culinary Federation certification.