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Melissa Wylie/ Bizwomen | August 22, 2017

After six years running a French bakery in Chicago, Sophie Evanoff no longer feels like an impostor.

JULIA KRAMER/ bon appétit | August 17, 2017

Love leads people to do crazy things. I’m not talking about sending stalker-y notes or sky-writing someone’s name from an airplane. What I have in mind is much riskier: opening a restaurant together.

And yet, it’s those husband-wife (or husband-husband, or wife-wife) partnerships that have a tendency to result in the most personal, intimate restaurants—the kind where the chef-owners take a sense of ownership in every minuscule detail.

Brenda Schory/ Kane County Chronicle | August 7, 2017
WTTW - Chicago Tonight | July 27, 2017

For the last 40 years, chef Jacquy Pfeiffer has spent most of his time in a kitchen.

The Beacon-News | July 12, 2017

While most children were watching Big Bird, Jacqueline E. Mejia spent her childhood watching "Dessert Circus," the public television series by chef Jacques Torres.

"I was fascinated by how he mixed art and chocolate together. He made such beautiful things out of chocolate," recalls Mejia, 28. She moved to Aurora as a teen from Chicago and went through high school still holding onto the idea of making spectacular sweets like chef Torres.

Her dream is about to come true when she opens Atrevete Confections in mid-August in Naperville.

The French Pastry School | July 7, 2017
Chicago, Illinois (July 7, 2017) This year's summer graduation took place on June 16th and was a highlight as the City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor, Juan Salgado and Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless, were guest speakers that addressed the graduating class of 2017 L'Art de la Pátisserie. 
The French Pastry School | June 30, 2017

CHICAGO, IL (June 30, 2017) - Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago joins the ranks of Sean Connery, Bill Gates and Julia Child, as they have the honor of being named a Knight! 

New Straits Times | June 3, 2017


A CITRUSY scent wafts in the air as Chef Mandy Pan places a basket full of freshly baked madeleines on our table.