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Pastries are always best experienced hands-on and we hope you can join us soon; in the meantime, we hope you’re inspired by what you see here. There are many ways to keep up with what's happening at The French Pastry School: read our articles, interviews, and blog entries; follow us online through various social networks or join us in person for an upcoming event. See what our friends are saying on our website, or read news about us in various other media.

Monday, June 25, 2018
This five-day pastry camp is your chance to explore all that the world of cake decorating has to offer! Chef Alissa Wallers of The French Pastry School will teach you the foundations of designing a visually engaging cake that tastes as wonderful as it looks. You'll learn popular cake decorating skills using mediums like fondant, gumpaste, royal icing, buttercream, and sugar components.
Monday, June 25, 2018
Join Chef Michel Ernots of The French Pastry School for this five-day boot camp dedicated to the art of boulangerie. This is your opportunity to explore the fascinating and delicious world of French bread and pastries! Chef Michel will teach you bread fundamentals and the basic phases of breadmaking including mixing, dividing, proofing and baking.
Monday, July 30, 2018
Interested in French pastries? Let this course introduce you! Join Chef Michel Ernots of The French Pastry School for this five-day workshop dedicated to the art of French pastry. Chef Michel will guide you through the fundamentals of rolling, whipping, folding and baking in a professional, yet friendly and approachable kitchen environment. You'll taste and discuss the products you make along the way, so make sure you come with a strong appetite for learning—and eating!
Monday, August 6, 2018
This five-day boot camp is your chance to explore the wide world of chocolate and sugar confections and pastry making. This is a great course for aspiring pastry students and enthusiasts, alike! Chef Joel Reno of The French Pastry School will teach you everything you need to know in a professional, yet comfortable kitchen environment.
Monday, September 10, 2018
Innovative Chef Luc Baudin travels from Paris to Chicago and brings with him a new and fresh perspective for making pastries. He's dedicated his life's work to creating products that are designed and adapted to meet the needs of the consumers' wellness. In this four-day professional course, you'll learn to create health-conscious recipes using less sugar, less fat, and more fiber. You'll use alternative sugars like coconut sugar, and alternative flours made from legumes, oat bran, and whole wheat.
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
This intimate, two-day professional seminar is a World Chocolate Masters-inspired demonstration with the one-and-only, Frank Haasnoot. Prepare to enter into Chef Haasnoot's imaginative and whimsical world turning classical creations into modern and contemporary innovations. His demonstration will focus on a chocolate showpiece inspired from his work during the World Chocolate Masters, chocolate bonbons, plated desserts, entremets, and many chocolate decorating techniques.
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Macarons, cookies, bars and coffee cakes—oh my! Learn how to perfect these and other French-style treats in this three-day workshop with Chef Alissa Wallers of The French Pastry School. We designed this class with you, the enthusiast in mind, and Chef Wallers will focus her attention on the sweet and the petite! She'll teach you how to create impressive French delights, perfect for any party or gathering of foodie friends.