The French Pastry School
The French Pastry School

Teaching the Fine Art of Pastry

The French Pastry School offers world-class pastry instruction geared to the aspirations of our students. Our unique commitment to you is continuous attention to the development of your career, from the beginning of your time with us until long after you leave.

L'Art de la Patisserie

L'Art de la Pâtisserie

The Professional Pastry and Baking Program

A 24-Week Program

Jan 08 - Jun 22, 2018

Jul 09 - Dec 21, 2018

L'Art du Gateau

L’Art du Gâteau

The Professional Cake Decorating and Baking Program

A 16-Week Program

Jan 08 - Apr 27, 2018

Sept 04 - Dec 21, 2018

L'Art de la Boulangerie

L'Art de la Boulangerie

The Professional Bread Baking Program

A 10-Week Program

Jun 18 - Aug 24, 2018

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Short-Term Specialty Courses for Food Enthusiasts and Professionals

Accredited by the American Culinary Federation

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Continuing Education: Professional and Amateur Workshops