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The French Pastry School offers world-class pastry instruction geared to the aspirations of our students. Our unique commitment to you is continuous attention to the development of your career, from the beginning of your time with us until long after you leave.

Applicants, students, and alumni receive ongoing personal attention. From the moment you enter our doors as a prospective student, you receive one-on-one guidance from our staff who guide you through the admissions and financial aid process. As a student, you receive continuous advice from your chef mentors as well as the administrative team who provide you with a myriad of options to explore in the pastry field for job and stage opportunities. Our graduates are the most well-informed pastry professionals entering the field and are equipped to choose from a possible internship at the school, an externship, a part-time position, or a full-time job.



Admissions Statistics can be found within the Catalog for each program.

L'Art de la Patisserie and L'Art du Gateau Catalog


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