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Stephane Glacier, M.O.F.

Chef Stephane Glacier, M.O.F.
Chef Glacier owns and operates two pastry shops in a suburb of Paris, and he is a teacher and technical consultant to many French culinary schools. He is known for his technical skill in sugar, as showcased by being named European Champion of Sugar Art in 1997, and his ability to obtain an incredible satin finish. He received the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France title in 2000. Glacier was the coach to the 2006 French Team at the World Pastry Team Championship where they received the Gold Medal. He has written many books including Sucre d’Art: l’Envers du Décor (Sugar Art: Behind the Scenes). Macaroon Swoon presents seventy recipes, some traditional, others more contemporary, taking great care in making a success of each one. Throughout this book, you will discover classic macaroons as well as more original ones with exciting flavors such as olive oil, Matcha green tea or rose. Glacier’s Macaroon Swoon has been followed by Tendance Croquembouche, published in 2009 with a preface by his friend and colleague, Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. Tendance shows a variety of ways in which showpieces using choux pastry, macarons, nougatine, and sugar can be artfully arranged in spectacular showpieces.