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Ryan Lesh | Food Enthusiast Continuing Education Student | New York | June 2012

What a wonderful week - it was full of humor, warmth, information and your kind and generous spirit. Thank you for a wonderful experience...My two experiences (now) at FPS have been just outstanding, in no small part due to the vision and mission of your deans. But the faculty is also just excellent....Again, thank you so much for treating us as serious students - we are, you know.

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Classic French Pastries

Have you ever wanted to learn to create classic French pastries from scratch? Join Jacquy Pfeiffer as he teaches you to make the foundations of French pastry including brioche, croissants, chocolate tart, Napoleon and Eclair. During this class you will master the basic skills of rolling, whipping, folding and baking in order to prepare perfect pastries. The class will culminate in a buffet of the wonderful pastries you have created!

Tue, 11/28/2006 to Thu, 11/30/2006

Holiday Party Buffet

Impress your friends and family by producing an exquisite holiday party buffet. You will learn to conceive a buffet that balances flavor and texture. As you work through the class you will make a range of pastry items from chocolate espresso tartlets to Stollen, and pate de fruit to chocolate candies. The three days will end as the class presents their finished product in a enticing buffet.

Tue, 11/14/2006 to Thu, 11/16/2006

Fine Chocolate Candies

If you know the basics of chocolate candy making and want to go to the next level, this class will teach tricks and tips for production, as well as methods for extending the shelf life of candies. Chef Wybauw will lead you through the production of an assortment of fine chocolates including the use of the enrobing machine, and more advanced techniques such as chocolates with a liquid liquor center for both molded and dipped candies.

Tue, 11/07/2006 to Thu, 11/09/2006


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