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Classic French Pastries

Have you ever wanted to learn to create classic French pastries from scratch? Join chef instructor at The French Pastry School Chef Sebastien Thieffine as he teaches you to make the foundations of French pastry including brioche, croissants, chocolate tart, Napoleon and Eclair. During this class you will master the basic skills of rolling, whipping, folding and baking in order to prepare perfect pastries. The class will culminate in a buffet of the wonderful pastries you have created!

Fri, 11/02/2007 to Sat, 11/03/2007

Introduction to Chocolate Candies

Explore the world of chocolate with The French Pastry School instructor, Chef Bob Hartwig, as he shares with you the science of chocolate while you learn to hand temper chocolate. You will learn the secrets behind producing smooth ganaches and shiny chocolates. The class will make basic chocolate candies including a range of ganache filled chocolates, gianduja creams and chocolates with nuts like mendiants or the trio. Be prepared to hand dip all of your chocolates!  As an added bonus you will also learn how to make sugar confectionaries like pâte de fruit and caramel. 

Tue, 10/23/2007 to Thu, 10/25/2007

Artisan Breads

To answer the growing demand of customers looking for a wider variety of artisan or traditional breads, bakers must nowadays increase their products line. During this three days hands on class, Chef Didier Rosada will teach you how to consistently produce some unique breads that will complement your bread selection.

Tue, 10/16/2007 to Thu, 10/18/2007

Introduction to Pastry – Petits Fours and Breakfast Pastries

Have you ever wanted to make a croissant? Make a selection of perfect petits fours to serve after a dinner party? Join chef instructor at The French Pastry School, Sebastien Thieffine , as he takes you through the fundamentals of these classic French pastries. He will introduce you to making laminated doughs, and you will go on to make croissants and danishes. You will learn to make traditional petits fours including éclairs, madeleines, macarons, coconut rochers, blueberry tartlets, opera cake, espresso tarts, and almond financiers.

Tue, 10/09/2007 to Thu, 10/11/2007

Advanced Vienoisseries

During this class, master baker Pierre Zimmermann, will teach you the fundamentals of the art of French Breakfast pastries (Vienoisseries).  He will teach you the technology and roles of ingredients in mixing, shaping, proofing and baking.  Organizing your time is key when it comes to the different methods of fermentation, refrigeration as well as the various options when freezing.  Zimmermann is an expert when it comes to running a shop which has been successfully doing for many years in France.  You will master the different families of doughs including laminated, yeas

Tue, 09/25/2007 to Thu, 09/27/2007

Wedding Cake Construction

How a Wedding cake tastes is just as important as how it looks.  Customers admire the delicate decorations and should also demand that just as much thought went into layers of the cake and the flavors presented.  Chef Donald Wressell will teach you how to create a cake that not only looks great but is well constructed and tastes extraordinary.  He will guide you through flavor profiles and textures, along with a range of doughs and different filling combinations.  Once you have all the components it is time to build the cake, while ensuring the structure is safe and stab

Tue, 09/18/2007 to Thu, 09/20/2007

Chocolate Decorations, Petit Gateau and Entremets

Norman Love, founder of Norman Love Confections, has created edible works of art that have been featured in renowned hotels throughout the country. His passion for pastry will be demonstrated through a modern contemporary approach to chocolate décor for all entremets. Each recipe will be as different as the next with the chocolate as the constant. Chef Norman will reveal how he creates his culinary art from the purest of ingredients including intricate flavor profiles, exotic spices and seasonal fruits that he has discovered during his extensive world-travels.

Tue, 09/11/2007 to Thu, 09/13/2007

Art of Plated Desserts

From this world-class master, Chef Christophe Michalak, you will learn the art of Plated Desserts.  You will use all of your senses to build a well balanced dessert by combining flavors, textures, colors and shapes.  It takes a true pastry professional, someone who has worked with the top chefs, traveled and worked all over the world to have the knowledge base on this topic.  During this 3day hands on course Chef Michalak will teach you how to also design a dessert menu. 

Tue, 08/28/2007 to Thu, 08/30/2007

Fall Flowers, Fruits, Berries & Leaves in Gumpaste

During this three-day gumpaste class students will learn how to make many different fall flowers, fruits, berries and leaves. Highlighted will be pumpkins, Japanese maple, bittersweet, grasses, hypericum, blackberries, acorns and oak leaves, chrysanthemum, berries, sugar maple, fall grape leaves, Chinese lantern, rose hip and the chili pepper. All of these finished pieces will be artfully arranged in a container for future reference and are ideal to use on a fall wedding cake, grooms cake or special celebration cakes.

Wed, 08/15/2007 to Fri, 08/17/2007

Jams & Jellies, Marmalades & Chutneys and Tarts

If you go to Niedermorschwihr, France, you are sure to meet her in the morning markets, carrying her baskets filled with the region’s best fruit.  In Alsace, she is know as Christine, the Queens of Jams. At The French Pastry School she will share her philosophy of seasonal jam (Pear and Fig jam, Wild Strawberry and Chocolate jam) and pastry making and create with you a wide array of mouthwatering cakes, traditional rustic tarts (Alsatian Apple tart, Apple Cinnamon and Streusel tart) and delightful jams, jellies, and chutneys (Shallot Confit) using fruits and vegetables. 

Tue, 07/31/2007 to Thu, 08/02/2007


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