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A Celebration at the French Pastry School Reveals Innovative Kitchen Technology
The French Pastry School |
June 11, 2010
The French Pastry School Showcases Sponsors, Bravo & Revol

Chicago, Illinois (June 11, 2010) – The French Pastry School hosted sponsors, colleagues, and industry associates on Friday, May 21st for a special reception showcasing the innovative kitchen technology of Bravo Gelato & Pastry Equipment, in particular the Bravo Trittico machine. Desserts and savory samples were served on the fine porcelain dishes of REVOL USA. Bravo and Revol are both sponsors of The French Pastry School whose products represent superior quality, keeping with the school’s philosophy of excellence.

Demonstrating the wonders of the Bravo Trittico machine at The French Pastry School through interactive stations were Bravo Corporate Chef Dominique Fieurgant and Chef Ervan Fieurgant who presented their fine products. Chefs Fieurgant created desserts such as Lemon Rose & Neilsen-Massey Bourbon Vanilla Ganache, and Amoretti Rose Ice Cream. The French Pastry School also contributed an Exotic Fruit and Ginger Créme Glacée, and a French Riviera Fruit Gazpacho to the splendid array of desserts.

The Bravo Trittico is the first multifunctional machine (or “combined machine”) for gelato and ice cream ever presented. The Bravo Trittico Executive model also allows for quick and easy production of exquisite confectionary items that traditionally require the tremendous skill and time of a master chef. Trittico is made up of two tanks that work automatically and independently from each other.

These desserts along with savory delights were served on the fine porcelain products of REVOL USA. Revol follows an advanced research strategy that revolves around relevance, practicality and aesthetic sense. Revol works in its own design office and in partnership with outside designers to create all of its models and production moulds. They use a high quality porcelain ware made with a secret mix that includes clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin.

“Bravo and Revol are very important sponsors to the school and support the high quality education we strive to achieve every day,” said Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F., co-founder and Dean of Academic Affairs. “Our students, whose training includes the best tools and equipment, will seek to replicate that standard when they enter the work force.”

Attendees of this event at The French Pastry School look forward to the completion of the School’s expansion which will house additional teaching kitchens and facilities for more Continuing Education classes, taught by the Chef Instructors of The French Pastry School and visiting master chefs.

About The French Pastry School
The French Pastry School is a premier international institution of pastry arts education. Superb instruction, superior equipment, and top quality ingredients enable the co-founders and Academic Deans, Chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer, and Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F., to uphold an exceptional educational facility for pastry and baking. The French Pastry School’s team of award-winning instructors has grown to a faculty of many renowned chefs, including Master Baker Jonathan Dendauw, Pastry World Champion Dimitri Fayard, Della Gossett, Pastry World Champion En-Ming Hsu, Joshua Johnson, Master Cake Artist Nicholas Lodge, Laura Ragano, Kristen Ryan, Master Cake Artist Mark Seaman, and World Baking Champion Pierre Zimmermann.

The French Pastry School offers the rare opportunity for students to learn the art of pastry in an intimate setting, being personally mentored by masters in their field. Students’ skills are finely honed through hands-on practice and repeated exposure to the best pastry techniques, tools, and ingredients. Our programs are ideal for anyone from the career changer to the professional to the novice. For more information on The French Pastry School, please visit www.frenchpastryschool.com.




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